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Notice to Periti, Applicants and the Public


Your attention is drawn to the fact that Reg 9(2) of LN 514/10 (as amended by LN 158/13) states that:

“(b) Whenever the Parliamentary Secretary communicates to the Authority that a particular policy is being revised, the perit and applicant of any application, which in the opinion of the Authority, may be affected by such a policy, shall be notified of the pending revision of such policy.

(c) The Authority shall suspend an application as provided in paragraph (d) of this sub-regulation, on the request of a perit or applicant who are notified in terms of paragraph (b) of this sub-regulation, after the perit or applicant receive the report mentioned in sub-regulation (4) of regulation 8.

(d) The suspension mentioned in paragraph (c) of this sub-regulation shall remain in force until the policy to be revised comes into force or unless the perit or applicant withdraws the request for suspension. Such suspension shall however in no case be extended for a period of more than one calendar year.”

In view of the above the Malta Environment and Planning Authority notifies that it is currently reviewing or preparing the following policies:

· Solar Farms Policy
· Shooting Ranges Policy
· Height Limitations Adjustment Policy for Retirement Homes
· Child Day Care Facilities Policy Review

In submitting their request for a suspension, the perit or the applicants are to state relative to which particular policy they are submitting such a request.