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The Heritage Planning Unit (HPU) is the unit responsible for all matters related to natural and cultural immovable heritage. The team is composed of a number of officers of varied expertise thus providing a holistic approach towards heritage management. These officers gather data, maintain heritage-related databases, carry out research and forward planning, designate heritage assets for legal protection, give advice on heritage matters related to development and land use, and monitor development works within heritage sensitive areas as required by Chapter 15 of the Structure Plan for the Maltese Islands and relevant Articles of the Environment and Development Planning Act  The main components of heritage management and tasks of the Heritage Planning Unit include:           

Il-Gebla tal-General (Dwejra) 1 

 Comino Tower Hagar Qim Remains 
Australian Bungalow



General Heritage

Legal Protection of
Immovable Heritage

Heritage Related Planning

Malta Scheduled Property

Malta Scheduled Property


Public Awareness

Heritage Education
and Training

Links to Other
Heritage Organisations and Websites

for Restoration

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  Remnant Holm Oak Forest 4

Cart Ruts Clapham Junction 4

 Fgura Parish Church

Rock Pools 3


Villa Macedonia  

Ancient Quarry at Ghar il-Kbir 2

 Ta' Cenc IBA (Important Bird Area) 2